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With over 14,000 undergraduate students, 1,700 active postgraduate students and a third of Sweden's technical research and engineering education capacity, the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm is one of Europe's leading technical universities.

The theme for this year's TEDxKTH is Action Through Empowerment, with a focus on Innovation and Women Empowerment. The event will be held at Nymble on December 8th and will feature 6 speakers whose topics will range from human and artificial intelligence to how to inspire and improve your surroundings. In less than 18 minutes per talk, they will challenge you to think and do things differently.

You will also have the opportunity to talk to and mingle with all the speakers during our afterparty starting at 8:30 pm. The afterparty/AW will be hosted by the non-profit organization WOMEN IN TECH and is open to all students, not just the TEDx event attendees. You will be able to meet representantives from the WIT partner companies as well as network with other students.

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The ticket application is now closed as the seats for this year's events have been filled. We would like to thank everyone for their interest. We enjoyed reading all the ticket applications!

For inquiries, please email info@tedxkth.com.


Dominic von Martens

With a background as a management consultant at McKinsey and degrees from Royal Institute of Technology and SSE, Dominic - co-founder of SelfLeaders - has been focusing on change on an individual, organizational and societal level. During his talk, Dominic will tell us about a defining moment that made him change himself the way he looked at the world and his role in it. You will also get the chance to understand how you affect the world around you and how you are able to make a bigger impact within an area that you care about.

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Julia Kalthoff

At the age of 20, Julia Kalthoff became the CEO of a 135-year-old Swedish axe manufacturing company, Wetterlings, in northern Sweden. Just back from traveling the world, gaining blacksmith skills was on top of Julia’s bucket list. One day in the forge, Julia got the opportunity to temporally step in as manager. This ended up with her running the forge for five years. Balancing bold leadership with respect for heirloom Swedish handicraft traditions and visions for sustainable manufacturing, Julia, together with her staff turned Wetterlings into a strong player on the international axe scene.

Julia Kalthoff on axes: ”I can’t find a better empowerment symbol than axes. Think about it, I helps you start a fire, build a house. Our entire society was build with an axe in our hands!”

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Mikael Vejdemo Johansson

Mikael is a postdoc soon-to-be professor specialised in applied algebraic topology. His research stretches from topological data analysis to enumerating novel types of necktie knots using formal language. During his talk, Mikael will illuminate us in why and how he managed to count 266682 number of ways to tie a necktie knot and the “mathemagic” behind. He will show us how abstract mathematics can be illustrated in our everyday life in a simple and entertaining way, hopefully encouraging you to see another side of mathematics and embrace your own inner mathematician.

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Carl Henrik Ek

Carl Henrik Ek is an assistant professor in Computer Science at KTH. His research is in the field of Machine Learning. As a lecturer he was recently given the award of teacher of the year at KTH. Carl Henrik did his doctoral studies at Oxford Brookes University and the University of Manchester and his postdoctoral research at UC Berkley.

Carl Henrik will give us a fascinating talk about human beings’ ability to reason under uncertainty and his view on intelligence. He will tell us about the beauty and strengths of human intelligence in comparison to that of machines. What makes human intelligence unique and what are the strengths in our thinking and reasoning? And how can we use it and preserve it for better and more efficient purposes?

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Malin Cronqvist

During a trip in Tanzania, Malin came up with the idea to help people in Tanzania to accomplish their university studies. While being busy with taking action and developing her organization Help to Help, she with time grew together and started to identify herself with it. When Malin received the question “Why are YOU doing what you are doing” she realized that she couldn't come up with an answer. She was fully aware of why Help to Help did what it did, but not why she was doing what she was doing.

In Malin's appearance, she will question herself and tell us how her inner drive was able to separate Malin Cronqvist from Help to Help. She will tell us the role Help to Help has played in helping her understand and fulfill her inner willings and feeling empowered.

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Katarina Atteryd

Katarina Atteryd is an engineer beyond the ordinary with a background in particle physics from the Royal Institute of Technology. She is the winner of the 2014 Female Leader Engineer Award and has just begun her tailored trainee program where she will work for three of Sweden’s largest companies and undergo an exclusive leadership program. With experiences from international research facilities and industrial enterprises Katarina is passionate about diversity and challenging old truths.

Katarina will give a physicist's perspective on gender equality and talk about how we can address this issue with an engineering approach. Do we have perfect gender equality or is there actually more to do? If the latter is the case, what can be done and how can we as individuals act in a structured way to find a solution?

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